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Build better experiences for flexible work.

In a recent survey, more than 70% of employees agreed they want flexible work to continue, while 67% desire more in-person work. In other words,  they want the best of both worlds. How will you engage your workforce to collaborate, connect and achieve more with modern devices, secure management, and outstanding support, no matter where the office finds them? 

We’ve collected some resources to support you as you determine the best path to deliver the hybrid work experience for your team.  Our team of experienced and knowledgeable experts is here and ready to chat when you decide what's next. 

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Peak performance for every job

Make working everywhere more efficient.

The right device performance matters for every role, whether employees spend most of their days working in email and web apps, multitasking between Microsoft PowerPoint, Teams, and Power BI, or running graphics, intensive applications that require powerful processors. Surface PCs equipped with Intel® offer configuration options that provide the performance needed for anything your employees need to do.  

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Are you ready for flexible work?

Transitioning to a hybrid workplace is an undertaking for organizations of all sizes. There are many moving parts, and they all need to work together to support your business. 

Find out if your environment is equipped with the right tools, software, and infrastructure to provide a seamless modern workspace for your staff. Compugen's experts will allow you to understand potential roadblocks and help you prioritize the next steps with a tailored roadmap.

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Modern device deployment

The workplace has changed forever, but your staff’s need for technology has not. Deploying devices to home offices presents new challenges – timely delivery, thorough data migration, and individual support among them. With a national supply chain optimized for home delivery, a self-serve web facility, and bilingual 24/7 support, we can help ease you and your team into your hybrid work journey.​

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